Fairtrade certificate is a verification for raw materials handled according to fair trade criteria. Fairtrade products are socially, economically and ecologically sustainable.

Criteria for Fairtrade is that producers of raw materials earn fair compensation for their work. Compensation has a minimum warranty price that covers expenses of personnel and environment. In addition to warranty price companies pay Fairtrade charge for the Fairtrade producers. Fairtrade charge is normally spent on projects supporting the whole producer community. Fairtrade does not permit unfree or child labor. Fairtrade provides a simple way to support people on developing countries as well as reduces Global poverty.

The mission of Fairtrade is to improve working conditions in developing countries. It drives to develop the situation in smallholdins and amongst the workers. Fairtrade certificate can be granted after all the criteria is fulfilled. Coffee was the first Fairtrade product and it remains the most well- known. Read more about certifications used in coffee.

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