Paulig investing in Finland and other markets

Paulig’s operations have visible impacts promoting economic wellbeing and employment throughout the coffee chain. In the coffee-producing countries, Paulig acts as an indirect source of employment. In its home country, the company is a valued corporate citizen and a trusted employer.

Paulig investoiIn recent years, Paulig has invested considerable sums in new manufacturing plants. In 2009, the new Vuosaari roastery was started up. In spring 2011, the roastery at Tver in Russia went into operation. This made Paulig an important employer in the area. The Tver roastery is a strategically important investment for Paulig, as the Russian coffee market is steadily growing.

Paulig has a 51% holding in the coffee equipment business operator Vendor Group. In 2011, Vendor Group expanded its operations to Sweden and Norway. A sales and maintenance unit was set up in Sweden for the company. Vendor penetrated Norway with the acquisition of small, local company in the coffee equipment service sector.

Number of personnel grew in Russia

Paulig’s Coffee Division has nearly 500 employees in seven different countries. The number of personnel increased in particular due to the opening of the roastery at Tver in Russia.

In Finland, Paulig had a total of 197 employees at the end of 2011. Gustav Paulig Ltd paid 13.3 million euros in wages and salaries with indirect costs in 2011, which is similar to the previous year’s figure.


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