Sought-after products ensure success

The Paulig trademark on coffee is like a stamp of quality – a promise that the coffee product will always be what the consumer expects of it. This requires a wide-reaching grasp of coffee trends and changes in consumption habits as well as the ability for constant renewal.

In Finland, Paulig’s brands have been top-rated in consumer surveys for years. Juhla Mokka and Presidentti are Finland’s best-known coffee brands. In Russia and the Baltic countries, Paulig is competing against international players and local brands.

Among the most popular Paulig coffees in Russia and the Baltic countries are Paulig President and Paulig Classic, which was specially developed for these markets, as well as Paulig espresso products. In Estonia, Paulig’s brands are remembered spontaneously by roughly 70% of consumers, 30-44% in Latvia and Lithuania. In the St Petersburg region, Paulig’s brands are remembered spontaneously by roughly one consumer in three and in the Moscow region by about one in ten.

As an innovative coffee company, Paulig constantly launches new products on the market. In 2011, Paulig launched several new coffees and also opened up a whole new product category by putting the Paulig Cupsolo capsule coffee-maker on the market.

"We launch new products on the market and we develop the product range by anticipating consumer trends. The most important launch in 2011 was the Cupsolo capsule coffee-maker."

- Karri Kauppila, Marketing Director

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