An international company for quality coffee

Gustav Paulig Ltd is a family company, founded in 1876, whose business sectors are coffee production and sales of coffee and cocoa drink products. The company has engaged in roastery business since 1904. The company is part of the Paulig Group and it is responsible for its coffee business. Finland's biggest coffee firm today also operates in the Baltic countries, Sweden and Norway as well as Russia and its neighbouring countries. In recent years, Paulig has expanded its business operations into the out-of-home coffee market.

Paulig has three coffee roasteries. The modern Vuosaari roastery in Helsinki, which was opened in 2009, manufactures coffee for sale in Finland and the Baltic countries. The Tver roastery in Russia, opened in 2011, roasts coffee destined for the markets of Russia and its neighbouring regions. Spring 2014 Gustav Paulig Ltd acquired the business interests of the Robert Paulig small roastery together with the Robert Paulig coffee brands.The roasteries together produce some 50 million kilos of coffee a year.

Paulig supplies its products and services to the retail trade as well as to the out-of-home market under the name Paulig Professional. In Finland, Paulig's best-known brand products are Juhla Mokka, Presidentti, Brazil and Paulig Mundo as well as the cold coffee drink Frezza and the hot chocolate drink Tazza. Among the most popular in the Russian and Baltic markets are the Presidentti and Paulig Classic blends as well as Paulig espresso products. To the latest products belong  Paulig Cupsolo -capsule machines with an extensive  selection of different coffee and drink capsules. Paulig Professional supplies hotels, cafés, restaurant, catering companies and workplaces with full-frill coffee solutions together with maintenance and training services. Paulig Professional operates in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden and Norway.

The Paulig Group, which is noted for its high-quality brand products, operates in a number of European countries. Its main business sectors are World Food & Seasonings, Coffee, Snack Food, and Industrial Seasonings. The Group has almost 2,000 employees in fifteen different countries and its net sales were 867 million euros in 2014. The company has its head office in Helsinki.