Managing responsibility

In the Paulig Group's Coffee Division, corporate responsibility work is part of the management's everyday job and the Division Director is responsible for it. The foundation for corporate responsibility is formed by the core promise that is common to all the Group companies, the values and the management model and the Supplier Code of Conduct and Ethical Principles. The corporate social responsibility programme is also common to all units, but the practical implementation takes place on a business sector- and country-specific basis. The Coffee Division reports on its responsibility on the basis of the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) guidelines.

In the Coffee Division, corporate responsibility is developed by the CR Management Team under the leadership of the Division Director. The team analyses the expectations of the key and influential stakeholders, initiates the necessary development projects, and secures the implementation of the targets for corporate responsibility in practice. The CR Manager is in charge of the planning of corporate responsibility issues and development on the practical level. For the targets to be attained, it is essential that corporate responsibility be deployed as part of everyday activities in all parts of the organisation.

Materiality and risk management

Corporate responsibility is one of the critical risk areas for the Paulig Group. The main risks and opportunities related to the Coffee Division's corporate responsibility are set out in the appended annual criticality appraisal. The Paulig Group's risk management policy defines how strategic, operative and unexpected risks are handled and managed. We define risks as factors of uncertainty which may be both opportunities and threats to our business and the implementation of the strategy. In the annual risk assessment, we systematically define the significance, probability and development of risks. Risk management actions are assessed annually and they are monitored. Risk management is an essential part of strategic and operative management. The key risks and risk management action plans are reported to the Paulig Group Board annually.