Psycon is scented with responsibly brewed coffee

The consultant firm Psycon Oy is fuelled with coffee. Their Helsinki office alone gets through some 200 cups a day. All Psycon offices have Green Office certification granted by the WWF, and the company has also given careful thought to the responsibility of coffee provision.

Psycon’s lobby buzzes with a gleaming coffee dispenser delivered by Vendor. Its bean hoppers are filled with Paulig Professional organic coffee, which also bears the Fairtrade label. Psycon’s staff have been active about coffee. “Because of the wishes of the personnel, we started using certified coffee in dispensers immediately when it became available,” says Kristiina Vehkomäki of Psycon.

The Green Office program meant considering the responsibility of all the subdivisions of coffee provision. “We calculated the coffee machines’ energy consumption and thought about how it could be reduced. We’ve also completely given up disposable cups and single milk servings. The coffee grounds can be disposed of in organic waste and the coffee packages are also biodegradable, meaning there’s no mixed waste at all,” says Kristiina, who is on the Green Office team.

Vendor’s Commercial Director Markus Koskinen tells us that the coffee machines at Psycon are highly energy-efficient. “When the end product is a hot beverage like coffee and fresh milk is used in the vending machine, you have to use a certain amount of energy to make the drink.

Kristiina Vehkomäki

Patented technology means these vending machines use about 50% less energy than normal. Optimising the settings for electricity and water consumption is important.”

Good coffee has saved many a meeting, so close attention was also paid to the coffee brewed in filter coffee-makers at Psycon. A tasting panel was formed for the personnel, which rated Paulig’s responsibility-labelled coffee blends. The winner chosen was UTZ-certified Brazil blend. Freshly brewed coffee is poured straight into thermos flasks so the coffee maker can be switched off straight away, saving energy.


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