Good coffee combines top raw materials with expertise

Quality has been a cornerstone of business since Paulig was founded and it is also what our company is known for. Nurturing the quality and safety of our products is part of our everyday work.

Hyvässä kahvissa yhdistyvät huippuraaka-aineet ja osaaminenIn this we use international standards and audits carried out by independent, external parties. Our quality management has been harmonised in the Paulig Integrated Management System (IMS).

We devote a lot of resources to securing the supply of green coffee meeting our stringent quality criteria from the various countries of origin around the world. For its coffee products, Paulig almost exclusively uses high-quality arabica beans, for which we pay a quality bonus in addition to the commodity exchange market price.

ASensory assessment is an important part of coffee quality assurance. Before the coffee reaches the consumer’s cup, its quality has been tested by tasting roughly 10 times. A cupping team, consisting of a number of Paulig employees, checks the appearance, aroma and flavour of the coffee at all stages of the production chain.

Hyvässä kahvissa yhdistyvät huippuraaka-aineet ja osaaminenQuality assurance embraces all stages of coffee handling, from the green coffee procurement to the completed product. We check the green coffee’s quality attributes diligently at many stages: before the purchasing decision, when the batch is shipped, and after the consignment arrives in Finland. All coffee samples are examined in our own laboratory and they are analysed for moisture content, bean size distribution etc. Every coffee sample is also roasted and subjected to sensory assessment.

"Combined efforts in exporting expertise to the Tver roastery yielded top marks in the first audit."

- Tiina Partanen, Quality Manager

Quality management harmonised

Hyvässä kahvissa yhdistyvät huippuraaka-aineet ja osaaminenThe roastery operation applies the following systems in accordance with international standards: environmental system ISO 14001, food safety system ISO 22000 and occupational health and safety system OHSAS 18001.

In 2011, the systems were combined into the Paulig Integrated Management System (IMS). IMS amalgamates the aims and requirements of the different system, which helps to harmonise operating methods. The documentation for the implementation of the systems was updated in connection with the start-up of the SharePoint software.

The functionality and efficiency of the system are assessed regularly by internal and external audits. In 2011, a total of 15 different types of audits were held at the roasteries in Vuosaari and Tver.

McDonald’s product safety certification for the Tver roastery

Hyvässä kahvissa yhdistyvät huippuraaka-aineet ja osaaminenMcDonald’s has its own, detailed quality and product safety requirements for its suppliers.

McDonald’s carries out inspections of its suppliers for compliance in line with its guidelines. Inspections have been performed at the roastery in Finland for several years, and the first at the Tver roastery took place in November 2011. The roastery passed the inspection with top grades first time and was awarded a McDonald’s product safety certificate.


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