Success through responsible action

Good financial results permit the long-term development of operations and investments.

Successful business is the backdrop for the advancement of social responsibility and vice versa: success can only be achieved by acting responsibly. Profitable growth benefits the personnel, society and other stakeholders in many ways. Through its activities, Paulig creates economic wellbeing as a taxpayer and as an employer in Finland and in other markets.

For Paulig, socially responsible business includes the long-term building of strong brands, nurturing of quality and partnerships, a profound understanding of customers’ and consumers’ expectations, building trust in new markets, and diligent risk management.

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The price trend for green coffee on the New York coffee exchange

The price of arabica coffees, which are what is mostly used in Finland, is determined on the New York exchange. The price is quoted in dollar cents (USD) per pound (454 g). Paulig annually purchases some 0.7% of the global green coffee output, in all roughly 60 million kilos.



Volume of coffee production (t)




Financial responsibility figures (EUR 1 000)


The operational result is reported is reported as a part of of the financial statements of the parent company Paulig Ltd.