Well-being personnel in the core of responsibility work

Paulig’s well-known brands are created by coffee professionals who know their business. Paulig’s Coffee Division has almost 500 employees in seven countries.

Our enterprise has many kinds of jobs in purchasing, manufacturing, quality assessment, product development, laboratory work, training and consumer service as well as in sales, marketing and financial administration. Special professional titles in this field are roaster and taster.

The employer’s care and responsibility for the personnel are reflected in the responsibility of the entire enterprise. Good management is a key factor in enjoying the job and getting results. Management and success in it are also measured at Paulig. In addition to the management culture, wellbeing is also affected by such factors as occupational health and safety as well as development work and training. Wellbeing at Paulig is promoted by energetic club and leisure activities.

Investing in occupational healthcare and safety is worthwhile. Absences due to sickness and work accidents are markedly lower at Paulig than the average for the business sector. Close attention has been paid to working conditions and comfort, including ergonomics, ventilation and lighting, in the new roasteries in Vuosaari and Tver.

The implementation of personnel responsibility is measured throughout the Paulig Group with an extensive TellUS survey carried out in alternate years.

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Trend in occupational health indicators at Vuosaari roastery*

In 2013, the accident frequency rate was 5, compared with the 2012 figure of about 43 for the food industry as a whole and about 31 for all sectors. (Source: TTK)


Trend in occupational health indicators in Russia and the Baltic*


*Number of accidents LTI 1. Number of accidents leading to at least one day's absence excluding commuting accidents.
**Accident frequency LTIF. Number of accidents leading to at least one day's absence per million working hours performed.