Cold Brew Coffee​ Concept

Shake up your coffee sales with trendy Cold Brew coffee! ​

Cold Brew coffee is a smooth, cold beverage prepared by brewing freshly ground coffee in cold water. In the cold brew process, time makes up for heat. Cold Brew drinks can be offered in the simple way as a black just adding water or mixing it with the milk or plant-based drink. Cold brew is an excellent ingredient for cocktails and mocktails too! ​

Four reasons to try:​
  • Easy and ready to use: one product with long shelf life (6 months), will remain unopened at room temperature. ​
  • Sustainable: Fair trade, Organic, reduce wastage of coffee.
  • Multiple ways to expand your offering with high profit​
  • Variety of sales support elements ​
Here is what you need to start selling Cold Brew Coffee​
Cold Brew Concentrate
Cold Brew Glass
Cold Brew TA-cups
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We did the 16 hours cold brewing for you​

New, easy way to prepare cold brew coffee drinks. Paulig Cold Brew Concentrate is cold brew coffee that can be used as one of the ingredients when preparing cold coffee drinks. We put a lot of effort and time for preparing the product so that you don’t need to do it. Paulig Cold Brew Concentrate is made of Paulig Fair Trade and Organic certified coffee without additional ingredients. In Paulig Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate taste you can sense soft chocolaty notes with nutty nuances and a finishing touch of liquorice with delicate berry like acidity.​

One product – multiple ways to explore! ​

Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate can be used in countless different drinks. Just add 1 part of concentrate and one part of milk - or plant-based drinks, or lemonade, or soda water, or ice cream, or coconut water… Let your imagination run free! Vary the offering based on the hours. Offer energy boosting coffee drinks at the mornings and switch to inducing mocktails and cocktails at the evenings. ​

Boost your sales​

Purchase decision are usually made before arriving to point-of-sale, so arise those cravings already at the street using pos-materials. You can also access inspirational recipes made by Paulig Barista Institute and the marketing materials developed to support your sales, giving your marketing package a nice finishing touch and inspiring you to try something new. Contact us and we will tell you more! ​

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