Maintenance of coffee machine

Maintenance and services

We want every cup of coffee to be an experience 

Quality coffee, reliable coffee equipment and a tidy environment are the makings of an enjoyable coffee break. We want to ensure coffee quality at every stage, from the bean itself right through to the pleasure of drinking the coffee. The expert employees in our Maintenance Service Team have all undergone training at the Paulig Barista Institute and help to ensure an uninterrupted supply of high-quality coffee for you. 

Get to know our coffee-equipment maintenance services and choose the service option that best suits the needs of your company.

Maintenance of coffee machine
Our Service Team members are top coffee professionals

All members of our Service Team are competent coffee experts. Our mechanics, technicians and machine operators have attended the practical SCA barista training at the Paulig Barista Institute every year and take part in coffee tasting training organised by the institute twice a year. These training sessions focus on, for example, identifying off-tastes so that our Service Team can ensure the high quality of your coffee in connection with their visits. 

Our team aims to offer you the best possible customer experience. This is why we always strive for a fast response time for all service requests and want to solve all technical challenges on our first service call. We are committed to a target of zero injuries. We do not settle for high-quality coffee enjoyment; we also nurture the environment. Our Service Team uses low-emission vehicles and our reporting is completely electronic and in real time. 

Our maintenance services
Paulig Relax

Paulig Relax is a risk- and stress-free way to offer high-quality coffee experiences with no unexpected financial surprises. When you have chosen Paulig Relax, you will take care of filling and maintaining the coffee machine yourself. Our professional team will take care of the technical performance of your machine, as well as all repairs. The Relax service also includes preventive maintenance.

Paulig Guarantee

Paulig Guarantee includes the Relax service, and the professional cleaning of your coffee machine at agreed intervals. This service ensures that every part of your machine is completely clean so that you can enjoy quality coffee every day. The Paulig Guarantee service solution includes all repairs and preventive maintenance of the coffee machine. 

Paulig Full Service

If you choose the stress-free Full Service coffee experience, all you need to do is choose the product you like and enjoy the coffee. Our Paulig Professional Service Team will help you save the time of your own personnel and guarantee that coffee and other beverages are always available. We fill up and clean your machine, and carry out all the necessary maintenance operations and repairs. During our visits, we also check the functioning of the machines to ensure that the coffee is of the highest quality.

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Additional services

You can also order a water filtering service from us. If you choose this service, we will always replace your water filter with a new one in connection with scheduled maintenance. A high-quality water filter guarantees clean water and a high-quality drink and minimizes interruptions due to build-up of limescale in the coffee machine.

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