#BEANTHERE - In the footsteps of the coffee

In the footsteps of coffee: Our actions towards the bright future of coffee Editorial Interview Blog Column Elisa Markula, Managing Director of Paulig Group's Coffee division wants to ensure that we will have coffee also in the future. This requires that sustainability is a part of the everyday work of everyone at Paulig. With coffee, you can work in a huge range of jobs. Get to know Tomi, Jori and Jarkko, who have been enthralled by the fascinating world of coffee. To us, sustainable sourcing means a profound knowledge of the origin of coffee as well as long-term partnerships. Our sourcing team visits the coffee farms regularly. The most important task of coffee packaging is to protect the coffee and retain its aromas and flavours. But what kinds of environmental issues are related to packaging? Happy faces behind the bean Travelling with the sourcing team Coffee for future generations Talking about packaging PAGE 2 PAGE 4 PAGE 8 PAGE 14