Pre-emptive occupational healthcare close at hand

The intention behind Paulig’s occupational health services is early recognition of the risks and diseases associated with work and the advancement of on-the-job wellbeing.

The Vuosaari roastery has its own occupational health clinic, which has an occupational health nurse and a part-time doctor’s practice. In the Coffee Division’s Baltic and Russian units, occupational healthcare is arranged according to local standards.

Having a familiar occupational health nurse and doctor in the workplace makes it possible to detect even small problems and illnesses quickly. Treatment can be started promptly before serious consequences or illnesses can develop. Good ergonomics and safe working conditions also help to minimise risks.

Paulig has an early intervention model in place, the aim of which is supporting the personnel’s wellbeing on the job. It helps to recognise work-related problems at the earliest possible stage. A rapid response and close collaboration between supervisors and occupational health care provide a good basis for remedial action. Supervisors have been trained to employ the model and good feedback has already been received from this.

In addition to the early intervention model, attention is paid to the return to work after a prolonged sick leave. Tools for this include contact during the leave period and arrangements for the return, such as modifying the job description, duties or working hours, as well as potential ergonomic changes. Paulig has markedly less absenteeism due to sickness and fewer early disability pensions than the average for the food industry.

Physiotherapist provides coaching in correct working positions

Work in manufacturing still presents ergonomic challenges in spite of the modern framework. Certain stages of the work inevitably expose workers to one-sided stresses. At Paulig, occupational healthcare actively directs patients with musculoskeletal problems to an occupational physiotherapist’s reception. There they are coached in how to use proper working positions and how to avoid recurring problems. Work ergonomics coaching and counselling have been effective in helping with upper-body stress, for example.

Healthy commuting

Many Paulig employees travel on business a lot. International airports, jetlag and tight schedules can result in exposure to infection diseases, etc. Before the trip, occupational healthcare brings the traveller’s vaccinations up to date and checks the epidemic situation at the destination as well as any health risks. When necessary, business travellers are given a fist-aid kit containing pharmaceuticals for treating the commonest acute travel ailments.


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