Three cold brew drinks


All areas have their own special terms, as do those who like coffee. We have gathered a glossary on this page of the coffee scene, the most exotic terms of which may sometimes cause wonder. Welcome to explore!

Americano or Espresso Americano is espresso diluted with water.
Coffea Arabica or more commonly known as just Arabica is one of the main varieties of coffee. Over 60% of whole world’s productions is Arabica. Arabica is valued for its aroma and pleasant flavor.
Word barista originally comes from Italian. Barista means a bartender serving hot and cold espresso based drinks.
Blend means a mix of two or more different coffee varieties or origins. Blending is done to archive wanted flavor and aroma for coffee.
Café au Lait
Café au Lait is a coffee drink consisting dark roasted filter coffee and hot milk. In the Café au Lait, the ration is half coffee and half hot milk.
Caffé Latte
Caffé Latte, commonly called Latte, is an espresso based milk coffee. Lattes were traditionally served in a tall glass but nowadays more often in a big mug or a cup.
Caffeine is natural chemical compound that stimulates central nervous system. Consuming caffeine gives most people feeling of energy boost.
Cappuccino is an espresso-based drink, where milk wroth is poured over single an espresso. From all of the espresso-based drinks cappuccino has the thickest layer of milk foam. Traditionally Cappuccino is served from a porcelain cup.
Cold brew
Cold brew is prepared by extracting coffee in cold water about 8-14 hours. One easy way of making cold brew coffee is to use French Press for over-night brewing in a fridge.
Crema is the golden brown foam on top of the espresso. Cream can tell something about the espresso, if the crema is very thin or there is not any, espresso is most likely done improperly.
Cupping or cup tasting means coffee tasting. Idea is similar to wine tasting, the purpose is to find different aromas, flavors and nuances.
Espresso is a short and strong coffee drinks. It can be drank as such or as a base for many other coffee beverages.
Filter coffee
Filter coffee is coffee made with a coffee maker or by hand brewing. Grinded coffee is placed into a filter paper and hot water in poured over.
Filter Cone
A filter cone is used in making traditional filter coffee as well as when preparing coffee with the pour over method. Filter paper and ground coffee are placed into the cone and hot water is poured over the coffee slowly.
Flat white
Flat white is an espresso-based drink where an espresso is cover with a thin layer of foamed milk. Rightfully to its name, this drink should be very flat.
French press
French press is method to prepare filter coffee. Ground coffee and water are put together to the French press and no filter paper is used to filter the coffee.
Instant coffee
Instant coffee is powder that can be mixed with water to brew coffee. The powder melts into the water and the drink is ready to be enjoyed. Instant coffee is mostly done with freeze-drying.
Macchiato comes from the Italian word ”macchiare” which means stained. Macchiato is either espresso stained with milk or milk stained with espresso.
Mocaccino and café mocha
Mocaccino and café mocha are layered espresso-based coffee drinks. Both drinks’ main ingredients are espresso, steamed milk and chocolate sauce.
Moka pot
Moka pot is common brew method in Italy to make strong filter coffee at home. It is also good option for an espresso lover that wants to drink strong coffee.
Natural processing method
Natural processing method means coffee cherries are dried in the sunshine. After the drying is complete, pulp is removed mechanically from the bean, and what remains is two coffee beans ready to be roasted.
Pour over
Pour over is a name for number of brewing methods. Pour over methods are for example Hario V60 and Chemex.
Roast level
Coffee can be roasted to different roast levels. The roast level is one of the biggest factors how coffee tastes like. The darkness of the coffee depends on how long and high temperature the coffee was roasted.
Robusta is a great fit for dark roasted coffee blends that are used for making espresso. Robusta is one of the main varieties just like Coffea Arabica. Robusta is second most produced coffee variety in the world.
Traditional pot coffee
Traditional pot coffee is, as its name states, coffee that has been brewed in a pot. Pot coffee was widely popular before the filter coffee machines became common. For a large crowd, pot coffee is a handy way to brew coffee.
Turkish coffee
Turkish coffee is strong coffee done from powder like coffee grinds boiled in a small copper pot.
UTZ certificate
UTZ Certified is a Global certification program ensuring sustainable producing. UTZ certificated coffee is verified to be sustainable.
Washed coffee
Washed coffee is processing method for coffee cherries. In the washing method, coffee cherries are peeled mechanically, and coffee beans are fermented in water containers one to two days.
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