Principles for reporting

Paulig has issued reports on its responsibility annually since 2003. Paulig's reporting focuses on the responsibility issues which are essential to operations, defined in the annually updated criticality appraisal.

In its reporting, Paulig applies the G3 guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). By our own estimate, the reporting complies with the requirements for GRI's implementation level C. 

The period of the reporting is the financial year 1 January - 31 December 2014. The responsibility data for 2014 was made public on Paulig's website on 11.5.2015.

The reporting of responsibility data covers the operations of Paulig Group Coffee Division. The financial indicators are from the statutory accounts. Certified food industry safety, environmental and occupational health and safety systems and official supervision cover Paulig's in-house manufacturing operations in Finland and at the Russian plant, with the exception of environmental certification. In the calculation of personnel figures, the general guidelines of the Finnish Accounting Board KILA for the drafting of annual reports are applied. In the event that there are changes in previously reported key indicators, their scope of application, limitations or accounting conventions, these are declared with the key indicators. The responsibility data contained in the report have not been verified.