All about coffee

Coffee shares a long history in human civilisation, it is one of the most traded commodities in the world. First discovered in Ethiopia, the plants and many of its varieties have found their way to all parts of the world. Found commonly along the equator, the biggest coffee producing countries are Brazil, Colombia and Vietnam, although countries such as Australia, China, and even parts of Europe have now begun growing the plant.

The industry employs millions of people to accommodate the consumption of coffee. From the farmer to the roaster and the retailer, each plays an important part in the everyday beverage that we drink. Coffee is a complex and delicate brew. The most detailed attention needs to be applied in all aspects of it. The farmer, the roaster, the end retailer and the consumer all need to be attentive for the drink to be a magical sensory experience.

To maximise the full experience of Paulig coffee, here is a brief overview of coffee from bean to cup and a few simple tips and preparation methods that we offer and suggest for your enjoyment.