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We buy slightly below one per cent of all the world’s green coffee, which means up to 50 million kilos of green coffee in a year. This coffee comes from 15 countries, and our top sourcing countries are Brazil and Colombia. Coffee farms are often small-scale family farms of one or a few hectares. Therefore, thousands of farms and farming communities are required to produce the amount of green coffee that Paulig buys. 
All of our coffee is bought from verified sustainable sources, which means that the coffee is either certified or sourced through our partnership programs. We can trace our coffee all the way back to the coffee cooperatives and production communities and even to individual farms.

A coffee bean’s journey from the farm to shipment may have several stages that vary between areas and/or farms. For example, some farms process their own coffee after harvesting or the processing may take place in a larger plant. Sometimes the journey of the coffee bean may include so many stages that it is not possible to trace the beans to an individual farm. Usually they can be traced at least to the production communities, and the farmers belonging to these communities are known.  

The traceability is important to us, since the more information we have on the origin of coffee, the more information we can obtain on matters related to the quality of the green coffee and the ethics of the supply chain. This also makes it easier for us to ensure the functioning of the production and delivery chain, and it helps solve any problems that may occur in it.

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